Is Netflix's headache just the tip of an iceberg?

Netflix has recently sacked a contact centre employee for stealing credit card numbers from customers.

US based Netflix is the world's largest online film rental service, with more than 23 million members in the US and Canada. Retail Innovator of the Year in 2007 (National Retail Federation) and number one ecommerce company for customer satisfaction (American Customer Satisfaction Index) in February 2010, Netflix is a successful and well respected business. They will not have welcomed this news.

Netflix learned about the data theft on April 4. Over the past two months, their employee had accessed, without authorization, the credit card information of some Netflix customers during telephone transactions, obtaining customer names and credit card numbers. They have declined to disclose how many customers were affected or whether any incidents of fraud had resulted from the theft. Whilst Netflix continues to investigate the incident and repair the damage caused, this disappointing incident leaves you wondering how many more companies are aware of similar breaches – is it just the tip of an iceberg? NetFlix was obliged to disclose their breach because under New Hampshire law, it is mandatory to do so.

Working seamlessly alongside any call recording system, CallGuard solves the growing problem caused by internal data security. When CallGuard is in use, the customer never tells the Agent their card details and the Agent never get to see the card details on screen and are completely isolated from the transaction. It could have protected both Netflix and its customers and prevented the damage to brand and customer reputation that Netflix must now be trying to repair.

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Posted by admin at 1:35 PM on Jun 12, 2017


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