Live CallGuard demonstration

Callers to the CallGuard demonstration line get a live experience of how CallGuard eliminates cardholder data from recorded telephone calls.

During the call, the caller is invited to type a simulated credit card number using their telephone keypad. CallGuard automatically removes the cardholder data from the audio stream prior to a recording being made of the call. When the recording is then subsequently emailed to the caller, the recording contains all the conversation from the call, but none of the cardholder data.

It’s in this simple way that companies use CallGuard to provide PCI DSS compliance for their call recordings.

Using the handy demonstration phone line, callers gain a strong impression of how real call centre customers continue to talk with an agent during a payment transaction. They can also easily comprehend how real customers can use their credit card for a transaction, but not give their card data to the call centre agent. With CallGuard, customers are not transferred to an automated “robot” such as an IVR, to take payments – they continue talking with their call centre agent. This ensures that the customer experience is second-to-none, and the call centre agent retains control of the call throughout.

CallGuard is a true bolt-on for any existing recording system. It doesn’t require changes to a call centre’s payment, telephony or CRM systems. CallGuard can isolate call centre agents from seeing cardholder data on their screen. If screen recording is in use, then this same approach ensures full PCI DSS compliance for them – no cardholder data appears on the screen, and so the screen recordings don’t store it.

To try the CallGuard demonstration yourself in the UK, dial 08458 99 55 00 and press extension 1. In the USA, dial 917 791 1063 and press extension 1. For all other countries, please dial +44 8458 99 55 00 and press extension 1.

Once the demonstration recording is made, we will email it to you so you can hear how CallGuard will work with your own recording system.

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Posted by admin at 12:11 PM on Jun 12, 2017


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