Avoid bad publicity for your contact centre - stop staff from handling cardholder data

Contact centre fraud has been in the news again recently. A contact centre worker from Coventry, UK, has been jailed for 8 months for stealing customers' sensitive credit card information.

The contact centre agent then used the stolen card details to buy nearly £33,000 ($50,000) in goods and services.

PCI DSS requirements dictate how companies need to handle credit card information. There is no suggestion that the call centre which employed the recently-jailed man was failing in its PCI DSS obligations. However, as is increasingly clear, stopping agents from handling cardholder data is by far the easiest way to avoid this sort of embarrassing publicity (with its associated brand damage).

It is even more imperative that well-known brands (such as the UK bank involved in the Coventry fraud case) ensure that the white-label call centres who perform a service on their behalf eliminate all credit card data from agents. After all, in a data breach, the (typically anonymous) outsourced call centre operator receives no brand damage - the high-street brand is the one which suffers.

Although it may sound counter-intuitive, CallGuard allows call centre agents to continue taking card information directly from customers, with no changes to their existing payment or telephone systems.

CallGuard can stop agents and other staff members from:

  • hearing cardholder data in call recordings
  • seeing cardholder data on screen

In conjunction with a secure hosted portal, CallGuard can also:

  • eliminate the storage of cardholder data in databases and back-end processes such as CRM and order processing systems
  • stop the transmission of cardholder data across data networks

CallGuard and its associated secure hosted portal can radically reduce your PCI DSS scope - contact us now to find out how.

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Posted by admin at 12:11 PM on Jun 12, 2017


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