Free PCI DSS Papers

PCI DSS is complicated enough so we have written some short papers below to help you with securing your phone payments.

Complexity of Guidelines

Since the introduction of PCI DSS, there has been increasing pressure on the contact centre industry to meet these standards. Owing to the complexity of the PCI DSS audit more large contact centres are opting to outsource their requirements to PCI DSS service providers so that they can continue to run their busy operation without distraction.

As the PCI DSS call recording guidelines mature, so do the number of conflicting and sometimes inaccurate interpretations of the directive. In our opinion, the confusion around PCI DSS is unnecessary.

DTMF Masking

Short and Simple PCI DSS Papers

Whether merchants decide to adopt it or not, PCI DSS is the favoured payment security standard and will continue to be the benchmark for the industry, and more increasingly, for consumers.

With the aim of informing instead of confusing, we have written some short papers below relating to PCI DSS and its impact on business that take payments by phone and record their calls.

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