CallGuard and PCI DSS

CallGuard is the most effective and proven solution to advance your contact centre towards PCI DSS compliance.

The Ultimate Solution to Making Your Contact Centre and Call Recordings PCI DSS compliant

Tried, tested and well received by our customers, CallGuard efficiently blocks sensitive data from coming into your contact centre or call recordings. CallGuard allows your business or organisation to fully observe PCI DSS requirements and continue to record your calls. It works by detecting and blocking DTMF tones - here’s a detailed explanation of how CallGuard works.

CallGuard is the Best Option Available

We are firmly of the opinion that CallGuard is the best and the most flexible option available to any business looking to make their call centre or component parts, PCI DSS compliant. And here’s why:

  • It works with any call recording and phone system regardless of its IT systems, or the payment processing engine used to take card payments.
  • It is an easily implemented solution which means we can quickly get you up and running quickly.
  • Because the customer is never put on hold or transferred to an IVR, your Agents retain the ability to deliver excellent customer service to all who transact with it.

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