Compare CallGuard

Compare CallGuard with Other Methods for Making Your Call Recording Solution PCI DSS Compliant.

When properly implemented, the methods below are all PCI DSS compliant.


CallGuard Turn off recording Transfer to IVR Auto Pause & Resume Central DTMF blocking - in phone network Central DTMF blocking - on premises

Your Current Call Recording System

Works with any call recording system No
Scales from small to large installations
Can be deployed to virtual- or cloud-based recording No No

Customer Experience

Uses touch-tone data entry (shown to improve customer confidence) No No
Can automatically check that customers' card data has been entered correctly No No No
Customers continue to talk with call centre agent throughout call No
Customer is able to ask questions during the payment process No


No change to agents' existing payment process No No
Increases agents' personal security by barring access to card data No No
Minimal training required No
Agents do not waste time waiting for customer to enter card details to IVR robot No

Your Current Payment Processor

Allows you to keep your current payment processor No
No back-end integration with your payment processor required No No No
Does not require payment providers to make any changes to their systems
Gives the flexibility to switch payment provider in future, with no additional changes No No Possible Possible
Works with web-based payment providers with no integration No No No No
Works with application-based payment processes with no integration No No No No
Works with thin-client or RDP-based payment processes with no integration No No No No

Your Contact Centre IT/Telephony Environment

You can switch telephony, payment and IT systems in the future, with no changes, and maintain PCI DSS compliance for call recordings No No No No
Works in PRI/TDM/E1 environment
Works in VoIP environment
Does not negatively impact average handling time (AHT) No
Avoids additional outgoing call charges No
Does not require changes to call routing provider No


Can stop agents seeing card data No Possible No
Can stop agents hearing card data No Possible No
Can stop screen recording systems capturing card data No Possible No

Outsourced Contact Centres

Protects your clients' brand integrity by ensuring breaches involving customer data cannot occur No No No
Allows you to show clients that your staff have no access to customer sensitive card data No No No
A single implementation that works across all your clients' systems No No No No
Works with client-hosted payment processes which cannot be tailored or customised No Possible Possible Possible

Proof of Concept

Allows you to do a small scale Proof of Concept easily and quickly, using live systems No No No No


True plug and play with telephony systems n/a No n/a
True plug and play with desktop/terminals n/a No n/a n/a
No integration required with agent's payment processes n/a No No No No
Simple configuration with any desktop payment process n/a No No No No
Implementation time measured in days not weeks No No No No
Very low complexity for payment system and IT integration n/a No No No No


No additional potential single point of failure introduced to entire payment process No Possible No
No additional potential single point of failure introduced to telephony/call path No No

Regulatory Requirements

Approach is acceptable to financial services regulators like FCA No No

Further PCI DSS Specifics

Works with other descoping tools No No No
Fulfills PCI SSC's best practice guidance that agents should not enter card data No No
Integrates with tokenisation systems to further eliminate card data from your environment No No No Possible