De-Scope from PCI DSS

Unlike alternatives, with CallGuard you can de-scope all or just parts of your contact centre from PCI DSS.

Need to become PCI DSS Compliant? Whether parts or all of your environment - we'll help

CallGuard On-Site is the quickest and easiest way to get your call recordings and agent screens to be PCI Compliant. The hardware is very easy to connect to your existing telephony and call recorder and after plugging in CallGuard’s hardware, your call recordings are instantly free of cardholder data.

CallGuard On-Site

  • You don’t need to make any changes to your existing call recorder, CRM or payment systems. (That means literally zero integration or change to your existing payment processes.)
  • And it’s business as usual for your contact centre agents. Customers continue talking with your agents throughout the call.

CallGuard Hosted

The most effective way to remove your whole contact centre from PCI DSS scope. A popular PCI DSS compliant payment solution that eliminates card data entirely from your contact centre.

All calls requiring a payment to be taken securely transit through CallGuard. Cardholder data never enters your contact centre and card details are prevented from reaching your agents. DTMF tones with 'sensitive' information are intercepted and replaced with flat tones, allowing call recording to continue. CallGuard automatically detects the payment card type, and adapts to take different CVV patterns in real time.

Your agent can stay on the phone with the caller at all times and guide them through the payment process, providing a seamless caller experience. With no costly hardware, integration or disruption, this cloud-based version of CallGuard can provide you with the full PCI DSS compliance de-scoping you need.