Cut Contact Centre Fraud

If your business or organisation takes payments by phone, there will inevitably be some risk of fraud within your Contact Centre.

Fraud taking place within your Contact Centre is a reality

Whether driven by collusion with outside parties or through simply ignoring company IT policies, the risk of fraud taking place within your contact centre is an operational reality.

CallGuard will help you to mitigate that risk, improve your Contact Centre data security and by association make your contact centre a happier place to work in. This short video to the right shows you how:

Fraud in the Contact Centre

Within contact centres, fraud generally occurs through Contact Centre employees who have access to sensitive customer data. In 2012, a Ponemon Institute research report stated that 'Malicious Insiders' pose a greater threat to information security than 'Hackers or Criminals'. However, criminal gangs are also known to be behind 'Insider' behaviour by targeting low paid contact centre staff with financial bribes for customer data or information.

The recruitment of remote, home-based or outsourced agents for inbound and outbound customer services, although more financially viable to the organisation, makes controlling and managing data extremely difficult which can leave security loopholes open for abuse.

CallGuard Isolates Agents from Seeing and Hearing Card Data

CallGuard prevents staff from seeing card data on their screen and eliminates the possibility of card data theft. Customers never tell the Agent their card details, and the Agent never sees the customer’s card details on screen. The same process ensures that any screen recording system also becomes PCI DSS compliant automatically.

CallGuard is 100% Compatible

CallGuard works with any call recording system, in any business environment.