CallGuard in Action

CallGuard Increases Customer Confidence in Payment Security

Customer orientated technology which improves customer experience

Great technology has to be customer orientated if it is going to deliver a sound customer experience.

CallGuard gives customers the reassurance of knowing that they are able to enter their own card details, and that contact centre staff have absolutely no access to their data at any point within a transaction.

Furthermore, your Agent remains connected to your customer throughout the course of their call, which means that they can guide them through the payment process.

Visual IVR

The CallGuard Customer Journey

Service is with a personal touch, where the security of the customer’s card data is ensured. This means that CallGuard will re-enforce your customers’ confidence in the transactions they are making with your organisation.

  • Customers communicate their payment card details by entering the numbers on their telephone keypad.
  • The telephone keys generate “DTMF tones” through the telephone. CallGuard automatically detects and blocks DTMF tones (and therefore the payment card data) from the call recording.
  • At the same time, CallGuard automatically captures card data in the relevant fields on the Agent’s screen, obscuring them with ‘***’ asterisks or similar just like a password field. This means that the Agent handling the call can never see or touch the card data. The card payment is processed as usual.

Quick and easy to use for both your customers and agents

CallGuard delivers PCI DSS compliance and allows you to continue to offer excellent customer service with no impact on Average Handling Time.

As well as delivering PCI DSS compliance for any call recording solution, CallGuard also cuts contact centre fraud.