CallGuard Hosted

Take your entire Contact Centre out of scope for PCI DSS

Complete security for your Contact Centre telephone payments.

CallGuard Hosted is the ultimate solution for for organisations that want to remove all card data from every area of their contact centre. CallGuard takes your whole call centre out of PCI DSS scope and has absolutely no impact on your caller/agent interaction. Watch the video on the right to see how a customer interaction takes place using CallGuard.

Why Choose CallGuard Hosted?

If you want to remove all card data from your contact centre, then CallGuard hosted is the solution for your organisation. And here's why...

  • Complete de-scoping from PCI DSS: No intensive resources are needed for audit, so compliance costs drop dramatically
  • No reputational risk from agent fraud
  • Improved customer experience as there is no break in agent interaction
  • Card number cannot be overheard by people close to the caller
  • Protection from identity theft and card data theft
  • The agent stays on the call throughout the payment process
  • Any contact centre agent can take payments - even those working from home
  • No department restructuring is needed, as CallGuard is applied to all agents
  • Automation of phone-based tasks can be used to offset costs
  • No impact on average handling time

CallGuard Hosted really does takes your whole Contact Centre out of PCI DSS scope:

  • Call Recording
  • Screen Recording
  • Agents (including work-from-home agents)
  • Desktop
  • IT/CRM Systems
  • Data LAN
  • Physical Environment
  • Locked Internet Access
  • Building (CCTV...)
  • Telephony Network (Digital or VoiceLAN)

How much Training does CallGuard require?

Training requirements for CallGuard are minimal. There is one simple change to an agent’s script: the Agent asks the customer to type in the card details using their telephone keypad. There is no typing by the Agent.

Click here to see CallGuard in action, from both the agent’s and the customer’s perspectives. CallGuard is a robust and proven solution that delivers PCI DSS compliance to any organisation that takes payments over the phone and records their calls. One which will let Contact Centre managers, finance directors and the compliance team sleep easy.

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