Choosing your call recording solution will have involved considerable investments of time and money.

And that the decision would have been based on how your recording system adds value to particular key drivers for your organisation. PCI DSS compliance may not have been high on the list of criteria at the time that you selected your technology, but may now have become critical.

How do you now meet PCI DSS guidelines which ban the storage of credit card data in recorded calls AND retain the benefits of your chosen call recording system?

CallGuard ticks all the boxes.

Working alongside your current call recording system, CallGuard ensures PCI DSS compliance and eliminates card data theft. You do not need to replace your current call recording system.

  • It is an add-on for any call recording system (including those listed below).
  • You keep your existing CRM system, the same card payment provider and the same internal processes.
  • It is business-as-usual. Everything stays running as normal and you quickly become PCI compliant. It really is that simple.

Any Call Recording system

CallGuard works with any call recording system, with no integration necessary, including:

Verint, Witness, NICE, ASC Telecom, Red Box Recorders, CallCopy, Uptivity, ComputerTel, Retell, CTI, Audiosoft, Cybertech, eTalk, Autonomy, Magnetic North, Oak, DTS Smartcall, Voicenet, Storacall, TISL, Ultra, Versadial, Voicesafe, XariosEventra, Splicecom, Telrex, Enghouse Interactive, Smartcall, Interactive Intelligence, Asterisk, Vocalcom.

Any Phone System

CallGuard is also compatible with any phone system including:

Avaya, Nortel, Toshiba, Siemens, Alcatel, BT, Ericsson, Fujitsu, Hitachi, GEC, LG, Mitel, Motorola, NEC, Nokia, Samsung.

Easily “bolted-on” to your existing call recording infrastructure, CallGuard is a truly universal and robust answer to PCI DSS compliance for recorded calls.

Next Steps

Phone us on 08000 630 730 or contact us for more information about how CallGuard can deliver PCI DSS compliance for your call recordings.

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